8th Grade Trip!

    05/29/18 21:47

    8th Grade Trip Tomorrow!!!!

    Please follow the dress code and arrive between 7:15-7:30.

    So excited to spend a fun day with this wonderful class. Please be prepared to have a fun, safe trip!

    Please click the link to reach the blog.


    Click LINK: https://sites.google.com/stthereseroxbury.org/mrs-cardinales-blog/science?authuser=0


    Class links:

    Mrs. Cornish: http://blog.stthereseroxbury.org/b2evolution/blogs/index.php?blog=10

    Mrs. Gargin: http://blog.stthereseroxbury.org/b2evolution/blogs/index.php?blog=11

    Mrs. Warga/Music: http://blog.stthereseroxbury.org/b2evolution/blogs/index.php?blog=24

    Mrs. Hall/Computers: http://blog.stthereseroxbury.org/b2evolution/blogs/index.php?blog=19

    8th Grade/Homeroom:


    * Confirmation papers were sent home. Please either mail them directly to Mrs. McGuire or send to school and I will hand deliver them for you. Even if your child is attending Catholic High School, confirmation is through your home parish.
    *Please return permission slips & box dinner choice by Thursday.

    Coming up:

    Need supplies for the School Store! Especially chips, cookies and water/juice

    God Bless

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