"Some people complain because God put thorns on the roses, while others praise Him for putting roses among the thorns."

by Timothy Dunnigan Email

We have our first full week of school behind us and it was a very busy one. Our Ipad meetings took place on September 6th, 7th and 9th. We had our room and lunch parent meetings and our first HSA meeting as well. Officer Phil was in to talk to students in grades K-3 about respecting one another and he was a big hit, but my favorite day was when the students sang, "There was a man named Mr. Dunnigan." What a great welcome from the students!!!! Thank you students.

This week is a very busy week as well. I will be at the archdiocese on Wednesday to review the AdvancED Reaccredidation that will be taking place in the archdiocese this year. Every five years all schools must be reaccredited. On Thursday, September 22, we will be having our annual Back to School Night. Parents will meet in the gym at 6:30 pm. This is a night where your teachers will go over the course sylllabus, and their expectations for classwork, homework, and student conduct. I want to stress this is not a night to have an individual conference with the teacher about your son or daughter. That will be reserved for parent conferences in November, or you can call and arrange for an individual conference.

Also be advised that on Friday, Septemeber 23 all students will have their picture taken. Please make sure your son and daughter is in school that day as retakes will not take place until November 18.

Yesterday was Catechetical Sunday. As Catholics we are all catechists called to spread the Catholic faith by our works and example. One of the best ways we can do this is through prayer. Let us be examples to others; especially to our students and our sons and daughters by praying and including the elements of prayer that the apostle Paul stated we should include when praying: Adoration, Contrtion, Thanks and Supplication.

Everyone have a blessed week! I look forward to seeing you on Thursday at Back to School Night. 

Principal's Blog

by Timothy Dunnigan Email

"The Lord sees not as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart."  1 Samuel 16:7b.

It is said that when God measures a man or a woman, He puts the tape around the heart instead of the head.  So as we begin this new school year and fill our heads with the the knowledge of reading, writing and arithmetic, let's not forget to fill our hearts with the love for God and with the love for one another.  We can do this by following the example of Mother Teresa of Calcutta who was canonized on Sunday, September 4. Jesus said, " Whatever you do to the least of my brothers that you do unto me." I can't think of anyone who lived by this more than Mother Teresa.

As we begin this new school year let's follow Mother Teresa's example taking care of  our brothers and sisters who are less fortunate than we are. This means acquiring as much knowledge as we can and using that knowledge to serve others.

I pray that the students, parents, faculty and the St. Theresa Community will be blessed with all the gifts that God and the St. Therese School has to offer. Let's have a great year.  I am very excited to be here. May God bless you all.

Thank you!!

by Timothy Dunnigan Email

St. Faustina's revelation of the day opens up by saying, When I was set at peace and taught how to follow God's paths, my spirit rejoiced in the Lord, and it seemed to me that I was running, not walking." I want to say a huge thank you to all of the parents, students, faculty and staff who came out to the Meet and Greet Night last Thursday night. As St. Faustina states in her revelation, I also felt very much at  at peace as I become a member of the St. Therese family. I don't believe in coincidence. I believe this is a path that God has asked me to follow, and I rejoiced last night after the warm welcome. I also find myself running, not walking as I finish up my mission at Vernon Township High School and get ready to fully immerse myself in the St. Therese congregation. Special thanks to Mrs. Fraser, Father Marc and the faculty for making me feel like this is where I belong. I look forward to a long lasting relationship with the St. Therese family and community as we move forward. 

May God bless and keep you all!

Tim Dunnigan

Principal STS

"The water I give will become a spring of water....giving eternal life." John 4:13

by Lisa Hirschfeld Email

Dear Parents,

I could not have found a more appropriate Scripture verse as this last one I pen for you.  I feel that the good work that we have done here at STS will continue as a "spring of water...giving eternal life" to the school.  You have done wonderful things here to keep this school strong, vibrant and thriving.  Now, with a new administrator taking over the helm I ask that you continue all of the good that has been done thus far.  I will miss all of you as St. Therese School has been part of my life over these past 17 years but please know that you will be in my daily prayers and someday we will meet again in God's Kingdom!

With that said....please know that over the Memorial Day weekend we had our school tested for lead and the good news is there was none detected in either the main building or Learning Center!  It is a great way to begin the summer....

We have also signed a Math teacher for grades 6-7-8.  He is Deacon Stuart Murphy and he will take the responsibility of the accelerated math classes next year.  Deacon Murphy has an extensive math and science background and recently taught math at Sacred Heart School in Rockaway.  He is also on staff at Assumption College on the campus of Morris Catholic and is also teaching Geometry this summer at Morris Catholic.  We welcome Deacon Murphy to St. Therese School!

Last, all school contracts and 50/50 raffle ticket payments must be in by today, June 30.

This will be my last post so I pray that you all have a safe, happy and healthy summer, ask for prayers for a special intention and I will keep all of you in my daily prayers.

Peace and love,

Mrs. Lisa Hirschfeld


"No one has ever imagined what God has prepared for those who love Him." 1 Cor 2:9

by Lisa Hirschfeld Email

Dear Parents,

What a beautiful Scripture passage to end the school year!  We have so much to be thankful for and for all of the blessings bestowed on us. 

The good news to share is that we are close to signing a Math 6-7-8 teacher.  That may happen next Monday.  Once that takes place I'll let our families know.

Still no news about a new principal for the school.  Once that happens I'm certain Fr. Marc will alert you.

Enjoy this beautiful weather!

God's blessings,

Mrs. Hirschfeld

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