"Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love." Ephesians 4:2

by Timothy Dunnigan Email

The latest report I have on the state of the building at the Saint Therese School is that we have been put on the high priority list by JCP&L. That being said, I am hoping that our power will be restored by sometime tonight and latest tomorrow. With regards to when school is going to open again, we are at the hands of JCP&L. I cannot fault the crews as they are working feverishly around the clock to restore power for thousands of people, so I ask for your patience. 

I have been in contact on a daily basis with our custodial staff, Bernie and Candy Coll and Walter Hill, our facility director, who have been doing everything they can to expedite the process of us getting us power. Currently we have small portable heaters maintaining above freezing temperatures in the main building and a generator heating the Learning Center. Staff have been advised not to enter the building so above freezing temperatures can be maintained. As of now the school buildings are off limits. I will be in contact with Mr. Hill tonight and if power isn't restored by 7:00 pm, I will call for a Delayed Opening with the hope of getting the day in on Friday. Should the power and heat not be on by 7:00 am, an Alert will be sent out closing school again.

Once school is in session, I will meet with teachers to discuss when our missed days will made up. Once that is decided, parents will be notified immediately for your planning purposes. Information about the planned Corned Beef and Cabbage Night scheduled for Saturday will be made available on Friday afternoon in an Alert.

Thank you for your patience and God bless,

Tim Dunnigan

Principal STS

"I hope in the Lord, I trust in His word; with Him there is kindness and plenteous redemption." PS 130: 5, 7

by Timothy Dunnigan Email

I have asked everyone to refer to my blog in the last Alert because I can only use a limited amount of characters in the Alert announcements. Everyone in the northwest parts of New Jersey have been impacted by the Northeaster on Friday, March 2. My prayers go out to those who do not have electricity or heat. Hopefully those who do not have power will have it soon.

The reason for my blog is to explain where we are in regards to the opening of school this week. We have been in touch with JCP &L to find out when we can expect power and heat at the St. Therese School. The best answer we could get is that the power will come on sometime between now and midnight, March 8. Walter Hill, our facility director, and Bernie and Candy Coll, our custodial staff have been checking on the school periodically during the day and evening to see if power and heat have been turned on. To date there is no heat and minimal electricity. I have called for a delayed opening for Tuesday, March 6 with the hope our power will come on in the meantime. If we do not have power by 7:15 am, I will have to close school again and Wednesday does not look promising either.

This week we are supposed to be admistering the IOWA standardized tests. I have made the decision that with lack of continuity since last Friday that we will not administer the IOWA Tests until next week. Whatever time we have for class instruction this week will be used to review and prepare for the IOWA standardized tests. With the interruption that has occurred due to the Northeaster, it would be unfair to the students and the teachers to have them test this week.

In regards to snow days, there is the possibility that we will have used eight snow days by the end of the week. Should that be the case, the last day of school will be June 22, and a revised calendar for the month of June will be sent out. This year I was able to put three school days in the calendar that were not in the calendar last year, so even if we use eight snow days, we have days that can be added to end of the year with room to add more if necessary. Hopefully, this week will be the end of school closings.

The Father/Daughter Dance has been rescheduled for Friday, March 16 from 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm.

I pray that everyone in the St. Therese School Community is healthy, safe and warm, and that school will resume very soon.

God bless

Tim Dunnigan

Principal STS

"But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant. And whosoever shall exalt himself shall be abased; and he that shall humble himself and be exalted." Matthew 23:11, 12

by Timothy Dunnigan Email

I know the issue of School Security is on everyone's mind these days and I want to emphasize to the everyone in the St. Therese School Community that we are continually reviewing and revising our security and crisis plan to insure the safety of our students. Our number one priority is keeping your kids safe while they are in school. As we move forward, we will continue to take whatever safety measures are necessary to keep everyone safe. Currently, we are re-keying all of the doors in the Main Building and the Learning Center. We are continuing to make adjustments to our security drills that are in line with the recommendations that came from my meeting on January 18 with the Department of Education, the County Prosecutor's Office, the State Police and the Roxbury Police.  They assessed our "Active Shooter Drill," and made recommendations that we have implemented. I have spoken with Officer Feeney of the Roxbury Police and they will be doing a daily drive by during our recess and walk throughs as well. The safety of our children is everyone's responsibility so if you see something, say something. I want to know if there are flaws in our building security so they can be immediately addressed.

Registrations were due for next year on January 19. There is still a good number that have not been returned. Please get them in as soon as possible so we can plan for enrollment figures for next year.

This past week our teachers have completed two lessons in Protecting God's Children, Touching Safety Program for Children. This is mandated by the Diocese of Paterson.

Our annual Father/Daughter Dance will take place on Friday, March 2 from 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm. 

On March 10 there has been a change of venue. Instead of our annual Fish and Chips Dinner, the eighth grade will be hosting a Project Graduation Corn Beef and Cabbage Dinner with our very own HSA president, Matt Wines doing the cooking. It has been said that Matt makes the best corned beef west of Ireland! Looks to be a great night of good food and fun. More details are on the Friday Folder. 

March 5 - 9 our students in Grades 1 - 8 will be taking the IOWA Standardized Tests. Make-ups will take place March 12 - 16.

"As Lent is the Time for greater love, listen to Jesus thirst... He knows your weakness. He wants only your love, and only the chance to love you."  Blessed Teresa of Calcutta

Have a Blessed Weekend,

Tim Dunnigan

Principal STS

"Rend your heart and not your garments. Return to the Lord your God, for he is gracious and compassionate, and abounding in love, and He relents from sending calamity." Joel 12:13.

by Timothy Dunnigan Email

Although the weather was threatening we made it through the week only using one snow day. It could have been worse. Up to this point we have used four snow days, which means if we if we don't use any more snow days for the remainder of the year, the last day of school will be Monday, June 18, 2018, but we still have February and March to get through. I will keep you posted.

I apologize for the delay in the distribution of report cards, but with so many students absent because of the flu during midterms I wanted to wait until all students completed them. The flu is still in high gear so please do everything you can to protect yourself and your children. Mr. and Mrs. Coll have been working diligently to disinfect the building to keep germs at a minimal.

First and Second Honors will be given out on Monday, February 12 during our morning prayer and assembly. 

Students in grades 5 and 8 will be taking the ACRE Test next week. The test must be completed by Friday, February 16.

Classes may be celebrating Valentine's Day with their classes on a different day than Wednesday of next week because Wednesday is also Ash Wednesday. Students will be attending a morning liturgy at 8:30 am to receive their ashes. Ash Wednesday is a meatless day and day of fasting as well.

There will be a Family Bingo Night on Saturday, February 17. See the Friday Folder for more information. Volunteers are needed.

Our annual Father/Daughter Dance is scheduled for Friday, March 2. The theme is Magical Masquerade. The dance goes from 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm. More information can be found on the Friday Folder. Also, keep checking the Friday Folder to find the weekly winners of the calendar raffle.

I know there has been some scheduling and rescheduling of the eighth grade field trip. The date of the field trip has been finalized and it will take place on Wednesday, May 30, 2018. Field Day has moved Thursday, May 31. The rain date of Field Day is Friday, June 1, 2018.

Finally, it is gratifying to hear that so many of last year's graduates who are attending Catholic high schools are doing so well. Many of them are taking Honors courses and and getting A's. It is a testimony to our outstanding faculty, students and parents who work so hard to develop the whole child through our Lord, Jesus Christ.

God bless,

Tim Dunnigan

Principal STS

"But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." Joshua 24:15

by Timothy Dunnigan Email

Catholic Schools Week kicked off on Sunday, January 28 with our faculty, staff, students and parents celebrating our parish. It began with 9:00 am mass and the annual Ring and Pin Ceremony for our eighth grade students followed by a breakfast and an Open House to the public from 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm. Many families stoppped by to see what the we call "The St. Therese Difference."  Many families were very impressed with what we offer at St. Therese and registered their children for September. Open Houses will continue on "Welcome Wednesdays" from 9:00 am - 11:00 am for any family who would like to tour and gain information about our challenging STEM program, and our Catholic faith based academic curriculum.

On Monday, January 29 the theme of the day was "Celebrate Our Community." Students raised almost $100 and collected 256 food items for the Roxbury Social Services.

On Tuesday the theme was "Celebrate Our Students" All students wore their CSW tee shirts and after a rigorous academic morning they were treated to a movie in the afternoon.

On Wednesday the theme was "Celebrate Our Clergy." Fr. Marc, Fr. Andres, Deacon Bruce, Deacon Murphy and Sister Theresa were all prayed for in our daily morning prayers for their service to God, St. Therese School and the St. Therese Parish Community. In great appreciation, the faculty treated them to lunch.

On Thursday the theme was "Celebrate Our Nation." Students wore Red, White and Blue and donations were collected for the "Wounded Warrior Project." The day started with a flag raising ceremony as students listened to Lee Greenwood's, "God Bless the USA." The flag was raised by our girls and boys scouts in uniform led by state trooper Denicola. The flag that was raised was given to St. Therese by Mrs. Gargin and flew over the Capitol Building in Washington DC on September 16, 2016. Once the flag was raised, students sang the 'Star Spangled Banner," and recited the Pledge of Allegiance. The ceremony concluded with a prayer for all of our men and women in uniform who risk their lives everyday so we can enjoy the freedoms we do in this great country we call the USA.

Finally, Friday the theme was "Celebrating Our Faculty, Staff and Volunteers. Volunteers were recognized at the 11:00 am First Friday mass and faculty and staff received a luncheon from the many parent volunteeers. 

On behalf of Fr. Marc the faculty, staff, and myself we say, "Thank you," to all of the parent volunteers who sacrifice so much of their time to assist us in the Catholic education of their children. We could not do it without you and your involvement in your child's education is invaluable to us and them. May God bless you and the faculty as we continue our mission together of educating our students academically and in Christ.

Have a wonderful Super Bowl Weekend,

Tim Dunnigan

Principal STS

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